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Branding Makes
A Difference

Branding is more than just a logo and colours
Its how you represent yourself to the public.

Show Your Clients
You Serious About Business

Consistency matter, everything to do with your business should represent to the fullest.

The Executive


Person or group appointed and given the responsibility to manage the affairs of an organisation and the authority to make decisions within specified boundaries


What We Do

In phases

The Consulting phase: Firstly we discuss your passions and desire for your brand and its success. This stage is crucial as it sets the foundation on which we being building your brand.

Phase One

A logo. The Ultimate symbol that summarises the entire organisations identity and Brand.

Phase Two

Stationery. Consistency in all your material, including business cards, letterhead, envelope, Mobile Devices

Phase Three

Brand Marketing. At this stage we begin producing print materials. flyers, brochures, books and website. In addition social media marketing, developing messages both directly and indirectly through design.

Why is branding becoming so important to small Businesses?

Here’s Some answers

"people have associations in their minds with brands, which lead to perceptions about that brand."

− Keller (1993)

"Brand recognition has become a major part of the consumer purchasing process"

− Answer Two

"Consumer are more than willing to pay an extra 10-15% for a more recognised brand"

− Answer 3

Brand Awareness

Are people familiar with your brand? do they recognise it when they see it? When people think of your industry do they think of your brand?

Brand Image

People associate emotional and descriptive attributes to brands. If you produce luxury clothing, your brand/business must reflect this same quality.

Brand Attitude

a main reason for most people to have a positive brand attitude towards Mercedes is not the technical quality or design of the car but the status that people attach to it.

Fortune 500 %of Revenue spent on advertising & Branding


Start-Up Marketing/Branding Spend


The Value of the Worlds Top 10 Brands

We see them everyday, we love them, trust them and would not hesitate to recommend them
The Entrepreneurs

Dreams Are Not Enough

Entrepreneurs assumes the risk of uncertainty. there creative minds are rarely tidy because they intuitively See things that others Miss. More Than Just a Dreamer, they Have the Intention to Create.

Started Dreaming
Made It Official
Completed Project
Website I visit everyday

My Education

BA(Hons) Business & Media followed by a Masters International Business & Entrepreneurship.

Monthly Magazine

HBR, GQ & Forbes


Practical Photoshop/DCW

Software I Use

Photoshop CS6/CC

Illustrator CS6/CC

After Effects CS6 / FCP

Snap Snap

After you’ve done taking all those selfies how about get some professional studio shoot done.

Note: All files are sent via retransfer.com. All photos on DVD cost £35 including recorded Delivery
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