Avoid Predictability

Because when you become Predictable
You become Replaceable

“As a Brand consultancy, we specialising in Strategic brand development, with a passion for design & developing beautiful work, we are in the business of making things that sound great and look awesome. We are still a niche outfit expanding into other creative discipline as we add to services and team.”

Belange Okandju  Managing Director, EE&Co 

Latest Venture | Luxsari
Brand Awareness

Question: Are your customer even aware you exist? This is a complex question for many SME, And once they are aware of you, why do you matter and why should they trust you?

Brand Image

Question: Have you taken the time to full understand what image you want your customers to associate with you or is it just images taken from competitors on Google.

Brand Attitude

The emotional feeling your customers attach and associate with your brand. Creating a solid brand will help mould positive attitudes toward your brand.

 “Our Principle Approach is to build from the inside, out. Working out who you are, why you exist, why they should believe in you in the first place. We do this by discovering the story behind the company, creating the brand and communicating your message in a creative way taking into account the culture of your customers.”

Brenda Okandju  Business Development Executive

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“One of the best advice for any brand is to be authentic: Say what you do but never forget to do what you say, because social media is exposing frauds”

Pro Quality As standard

Our clients pay for professional quality images, so we deliver, tailoring every project to ensure that the client is happy quality over quantity.

From over 40 Projects

Started in 2013 we have rapidly become the go to team within our respected areas. With projects in Gambia and weddings in Europe.

Pro Retouching

For images to reach the highest level of commercial reach it require retouching to the highest degree. We retouch our own photos and also offer a limited service.

Worldwide Fun

Capturing beauty around the world is our lives mission, whether its commissioned or personal project we have epic fun with a hint of professionalism.

Our Latest Venture

Introducing Luxsari a retail shopping app that bridges the gap between online and physical shopping. Cherry picking the best of both worlds and eliminating the issues that many shoppers face today. Leaving you to fully enjoy your shopping mall experience

Queue Less Shop More

People shop online to avoid queues, but with this app you get to physically try on the item and purchase the item without queuing.

Hands Free Shopping

This notion is taken straight from the ultra luxury market, buy as much as you want and have it all sent to your home within 24 hours. leaving your hands free to hold that ice cream.

Digital Basket

You now have the ability to put all your shopping in one basket and make one payment. Try them on, put them in the basket, compare them than decide.

Tired of being Predictable?

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